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Snoh Aalegra Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Net Worth

Snoh Aalegra Bio: She is a famous is a Swedish singer and songwriter. his real name is Snoh Nowrozi.

Snoh Aalegra Biography

Snoh Aalegra was born on 13 September 1987 in Uppsala, Sweden. She was born to Persian parents and grew up in Enköping, Sweden. Aalegra has resided in Los Angeles, California since 2012, after briefly living in London. Aalegra speaks Persian, Swedish and English.


at the age of 13, Aalegra signed an artist development deal with Sony Music Sweden. Aalegra would go to Sony’s Stockholm recording studio on the weekend and work with producers to help develop her voice and sound.

She would later leave Sony Sweden with no music being released throughout the deal. Aalegra later said in 2018, that things didn’t really work out with Sony Sweden but I’m glad I had the opportunity to be exposed to the industry at a young age.

Snoh Aalegra Breaks Down “Ugh”

Snoh Aalegra signed to Sony when she was just 13 and released a more pop-leaning album under the name Sheri in 2010.

then Prince took her under his wing, and his influence was apparent when she adopted her current name and guise in 2014.

While countless thousands of recordings have been released over the past decade that explores an alt-R&B vein similar to the one on this album a romantic, weed-influenced, late-night vibe, classic and forward-leaning at the same time very few succeed in the levels that Ugh does.

The bones of the songs here are familiar and similar to the ones on Feels: lots of mid-tempo, slightly jazzy R&B grooves with rimshots, tinkling electric piano and Aalegra’s deceptively versatile voice, which is usually singing standard-issue R&B lyrics like Boy I’ve got my eye on you… your body next to mine … can we make this last forever, etc


Snoh Aalegra Songs

1. “Here Now (intro)”

At this exact moment, we are here now.

2. “I Want You Around”

The butterflies, the feels.

3. “Situationship”

Sometimes shit gets messy.

4. “Whoa”

When the chemistry is too crazy.

5. “Find Someone Like You”

Dear future husband, I wrote this song for you.

6. “Toronto”

Mad ting.

7. “Love Like That”

Sometimes it be like that.

8. “Be Careful”

Hurt people, hurt people.

9. “Charleville 9200 Pt 2”

When it all crumbled.

10. “You”

When you know it’s wrong but you try so hard to save it.

11. “Njoy (Interlude)”

Public Service Announcement.

12. “Nothing To Me”

That ain’t it.

13. “I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love”

I really didn’t.

14. “Peace”

Peace out my life.

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