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Sonny Alloway
Sonny Alloway

Sonny Alloway Bio – Wiki

Sonny Alloway is identified as the suspect of the Bronx Subway Train incident. He arrested after sexually assaulting an underage girl in a 6 train. He shelters in a nearby deli after the beatdown.

Sonny Alloway Age

He is 48-years-old

Bronx Subway Train incident

Bronx Subway Train incident occurs on 30 of December in a 6# train. He was filmed by a bystander as she tried to talk to an unknown woman while she was sleeping with her face covered, then grabbed her and ran off the train when she stopped at a stop at Morrison Avenue – Sound View Station.

Once on the platform, Alloway appeared to lose his nerve. He let go of the woman and she wrangled free, running back on to the train with the help of another passenger.


Sonny was found by police inside a Bronx deli where he sought refuge from a vicious street assault from angry attackers who kicked and punched the outnumbered man, a viral video of the one-sided confrontation shows. One of the assailants is heard accusing Alloway of sexually assaulting an underage girl.

Sonny Alloway Video

In the video, the unknown-woman appeared to be trying to sleep when he first starting speaking to her. It is unclear if she is homeless. She was sitting on the subway with a scarf covering her face, trying to ignore him, as he spoke to her.

In one sudden motion, once the train had stopped, Alloway sprang from his seat, picked her up and carried her slight frame off the train. She kicked and struggled against him.

Another man from the train was jolted awake by the commotion. The woman appeared to know him and was gesturing for him to wake up, saying: ‘He grabbed me!’ Alloway was then arrested nearby.