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Women Who Married Her Self: Sophie Tanner Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Life Facts

Sophie Tanner Wiki, Sophie Tanner Biography

According to Sophie Tanner wiki, Bio and Biography, She is a woman from Brighton who has married herself says she’s still open to finding love and believes it makes her MORE eligible. She married on the steps of the Unitarian Church in Brighton in 2015. She reflected on the ceremony ahead of her wedding anniversary.


Sophie Tanner is 42-year-old as of 2021.

Sophie Tanner Weeding

Tanner, 42, wed herself in a Brighton ceremony in 2015, five years after her last serious relationship, which came to an end when she discovered her boyfriend had cheated on her with one of her close friends.

She decided upon the wedding, which was a symbolic ritual, as a way to express love for herself and believes her relationships with friends and family have improved as a result.

But she added that she is open to the possibility of finding love with a man but admitted it is not a priority right now.

‘I’m a big advocate of self-love but that doesn’t mean I’m against romantic love. The two aren’t mutually exclusive,’ Sophie said.

Sophie Tanner Boyfriend

Before her ceremony, she had relationships of varying lengths but had a tendency to put her partner’s needs before her own and was frequently cheated on. She added that the experiences made her question if there was something ‘wrong with her.

She explained: ‘My boyfriend – let’s call him Bob -, who I lived within Brighton, had cheated on me with one of our friends, who’d told me I was ‘paranoid’ when I expressed suspicions.

She was married by her friend, James, who bought a dress and asked 15 friends to be her bridesmaids. Sophie whose most recent relationship didn’t work out, said she has more self-respect when dating now.

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