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Stella Morris, a South African-born lawyer, started a relationship with Assange, 48, in 2015, she told the Daily Mail Saturday of the couple’s secret romance. According to New York Post, Morris told the Daily Mail Saturday about her relationship with Assange, which began in 2015. She has been secretly involved in a romantic relationship with Assange for years while he was at the Ecuadorian embassy.

She spent her childhood in Sweden, where she also spoke Swedish fluently. Earlier, her former name was Sara Gonzalez Devant. She started her career in law and became a South African-born lawyer.

Stella Morris Age

Stella Morris was born in 1983, in South Africa. She is 37 years old.

Fiancée Julian Assange

Morris’ friend, Jennifer Robinson, who was working as Assange’s lawyer, introduced her to Assange. They first met over a cup of tea in London in 2011. By the time, Assange was facing rape allegations in that country, and Morris helped defend him against the 2010 rape allegations, charges that were later dropped, According to their dating profile.

She said, “In the beginning, it was a working relationship. I was in the embassy every day and Julian became a friend.” “Over the years he went from being a person I enjoyed seeing to the man I wanted to see most in the world”.

She told the Daily Mail, they got engaged in 2017. They even planned to try to marry in the embassy after he picked out a diamond ring for her online. “At the time that we started trying for a baby, it seemed that life was set to change for the better for Julian.”

Morris told the Mail, “I love Julian deeply, and I am looking forward to marrying him”.


Morris and her Fiancee’s first son, Gabriel, was born in 2017. According to the Mail reported, Their second child, Max, was born last year. Both births were filmed with a GoPro camera and the footage sent to Assange. They are both British Citizens.

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The couple managed to keep their relationship and the birth of the children secret from the Ecuadorean staff and diplomats who had given Assange refuge at the embassy for seven years, the newspaper reported.

Assange has met both children — though the eldest had to be sneaked into the embassy at just 1 week old for the introduction to his father. A friend carried the baby inside, pretending he was hers.


According to ny post, In April 2019 Assange was moved to high-security Belmarsh Prison — where he now fears for his life due to the coronavirus pandemic and has sought release on bail.

Morris fears she will lose her love to the virus sweeping the globe.

“I am now terrified I will not see him alive again,” she said. “Julian has been fiercely protective of me and has done his best to shield me from the nightmares of his life. “I have lived quietly and privately, raising Gabriel and Max on my own and longing for the day we could be together as a family. Now I have to speak out because I can see his life is on the brink.”