Stephan Balliet

Stephan Balliet (Yom Kippur Shooter) Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Wife,

Stephan Balliet Bio, Wiki

Stephan Balliet is a 27-year-old suspect of the anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue and a shooting at a Turkish kebab shop in Halle, Germany.

He arrested after killing two people near German synagogue while ranting about the Holocaust. Balliet is a resident of Saxony-Anhalt, the German state that includes the city of Halle.

Stephan Balliet Age

He is 27 years old as of 2019

Yom Kippur Anti-Semitic attack

on October 9, 2019, A gunman at a German synagogue ranted about feminism, immigration, and the Holocaust before he shot two people dead in an anti-Semitic rampage on Judaism’s holiest day.

The suspect, named by Bild as 27-year-old Stephan Balliet, was later arrested after trying to flee in a taxi, according to German media.

What is Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is Judaism’s holiest day. Before his attempt to enter the synagogue, Balliet addressed his camera during the live stream and made anti-Semitic remarks in English.

Police said there was only one shooter in the incident after earlier reports indicated there were possibly two gunmen.

Stephan Balliet Live Streaming

He was streaming live video on Twitch for 35 minutes during the incident in the east German city.

The video shows Balliet was not able to get into the synagogue, where about 70 people were inside for Yom Kippur services.

The 27-year-old gunman was wearing a helmet equipped with a camera, was dressed in a military- or police-style uniform, and was armed with multiple long rifles. The video shows he had ammunition and possible explosive devices inside his car.

Balliet called himself “anon” in the video he live-streamed online, according to an archive of the 35-minute live stream.

He addresses the camera early in the video and speaks in English about his motive for the attempted attack on the synagogue.

Balliet can be seen driving to the synagogue while listening to Future’s Mask Off, and preparing his weapons for the attempted attack.

Other than his first introduction, Balliet speaks in German throughout most of the video.

The live stream shows Balliet attempting to get into the synagogue for several minutes. Officials said about 70 to 80 people were inside for Yom Kippur, the holiest day of Judaism.

According to U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, 10 Americans were inside the synagogue. No one inside the temple was injured or killed.

Stephan Balliet Arrested

Balliet was taken into custody by police after fleeing from the scene. He also expressed anti-feminist views in the video.

An electrician at the workshop then came out and was startled by what was happening, Bild reports.

He told Balliet he couldn’t have the taxi, and Balliet opened fire, shooting the man. He was hospitalized but is expected to survive.

Balliet then took the taxi and fled on the A9 highway and onto B91. He was rammed by a truck in Werschen and then taken into custody, Bild reports. It is not clear if Balliet was injured.


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