Suhail Gillard

Who is Suhail Gillard (High School Football Star) Bio, Wiki, Age, Death, Family

Suhail Gillard Bio

Suhail Gillard was an 18-years-old high school football star and athletic all-star whose star was rising. He was a celebrated Philadelphia high school football player. Suhail was a three-time All-Public League running back for the Pumas who had accepted an offer to West Virginia State University.

He killed by his twin Brother Fayaadh Gillard. The brothers, seniors at Mastery Charter North High School in Philadelphia, were both on the school’s football team and had received All-Public League honours.

Suhail Gillard Age

He has killed at the age of 18.

Murder By His Twin Brother (Fayaadh Gillard)

Suhail Gillard was found dead on Sunday afternoon at an apartment in the 1100 block of North 63rd Street, where he suffered a single gunshot wound to his chest. He died that night at Lankenau Medical Center in Lower Merion.

Fayaadh Gillard is charged with murder and related offences in the fatal shooting of his twin brother, Suhail Gillard. A Mastery Charter North football star, Suhail was slated to attend West Virginia State University in the fall.

Fayaadh Gillard Arrested

According to police and court records, Fayyaz Gillard was arrested on Monday and later charged with murder and lying to officers. Sources told NBC10 that Fayaz Gillard initially told police that his brother was shot by another gunman at a store. Online court records did not list a lawyer for it.

Police Investigation

Investigators did not disclose any details about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, but family members said they believed no dirty play was involved.

It was an accident. His uncle Hassan Ford told ABC News on Wednesday that Fayad was a good and kind child, like his brother, when the family’s young man prepared for Thursday’s funeral. “They were our greatest pride and our greatest joy. They were the ones who had the most potential for our lineage.


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