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Who is Ali Harbi Ali? Wiki, Biography, Age, Amess Murder Suspect

Ali Harbi Ali Wiki – Ali Harbi Ali Biography

Ali Harbi Ali is a 25-years-old accused of killing British politician David Ames. He is a British citizen of Somali origin. He is accused of stabbing Ames in a terrorist attack. Ames was a conservative member of parliament representing Southend West. Ames was killed in an attack on Friday, October 15, 2021, during an election ceremony at the Belfair Methodist Church in Lee Onnsi.


Ali Harbi Ali is 25-years-old.

David Ames

Ames, 69, is survived by his wife, Julia Arnold Ames, and five children. He has represented Southeast West in Parliament since 1997, he represented Baselden from 1983 to 1987. The Ams family issued a statement saying: “The family would like to thank everyone for the wonderful and glorious tribute to David after his brutal and violent death. It really brings us a lot of relief. The support from friends, circles and the general public has been overwhelming. As a family, it has given us strength. We felt the tribute that David had so much. “Even we, who were close to him, knew. Our hearts are broken.”

Ames family.

In a statement issued by the police, the Ames family said: “There was still a lot that David wanted to do. We know this from the events of the last few days. So this is not the end of Sir David Ames MP. There’s the next chapter and as a family, we ask everyone to help the many charities they’ve worked with. Do.”


Ali’s father, Harbi Ali Kalane.

The suspect’s father told the Times that investigators from Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism unit met with him after his son’s arrest. In 2016, Harbi Ali Kalane, another Member of Parliament, tweeted in response to Cox’s assassination: “#RIPJoCox devastated by the loss of voice of non-representatives, my condolences to her two children and her family.” Somalia: Labor MP Thomas Meyer, a far-right man, was stabbed several times during his election surgery.

David Ames murder suspect.

According to the BBC, the police have said that Ali has extremist Islamic views. He has been arrested under the Terrorism Act, according to a BBC report. Ali’s father is a former political adviser in Somalia. The Metropolitan Police are investigating and have not officially named Ali, only said in a public press release that a 25-year-old man is in custody and is being questioned. According to law enforcement sources, Harbi Ali was identified by various media outlets.

Charged and arrested

In a press release, the 25-year-old suspect was arrested Friday, October 15, at 12:05 p.m. at Eastwood Road North, Church, Metropolitan Police. The knife used in the attack was recovered from the scene. No one else was injured in the blast.

According to Sky News, Ali met Ames for a meeting while he was undergoing ring surgery at the church. Scottish Councilor John Lamb told the BBC he spoke to De Ella, an Ames aide, and told her, “Suddenly a scream came from him as the man deliberately stabbed David and David. “The other woman, who was calling out to outsiders, came running and saw that poor David had been stabbed.”

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