Who was Lance Waldroup? Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause of Death, Moonshiners Star

Lance Waldroup Wiki – Lance Waldroup Bio

Lance Waldroup was a Moonshiners Star who died on February 25, 2021; according to autopsy results, Waldroup, the late reality TV star showed his heart gave his heart out.

Lance’s official cause of death is listed as congestive heart failure … according to the autopsy report, TMZ obtained. It also shows cardiomyopathy — which makes it harder for the heart to pump blood — and morbid obesity (580 lbs.) as contributing factors.


He was 30 years old.

Lance Waldroup Cause of Death

The medical examiner notes that the famous bootlegger had a history of high blood pressure suicidal thoughts and was a recovering opioid addict in the docs.

Last February, the 30-year-old “Moonshiners” star went outside to smoke, went back inside his home, played video games and was later found unconscious on the bed by his mom Lynn.

A couple of Suboxone pills — prescription meds used to treat opioid addiction — were found in the room, along with the crushed white powder. Narcotics are not listed as contributing factors in his death, but the M.E. did find evidence of drug abuse in his body.

Discovery says that Lance will be remembered as an adventurous distiller who was always looking to take his flavorful moonshine recipes to new heights.

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The Waldroups have been through it — the family says Lance had survivor’s guilt because his sister died when she was 11, and his brother died when he was 20.


Lance appeared in several early seasons of the show … bootlegging out of North Carolina with his father. He was one of the younger and less experienced moonshiners and often turned to his dad for guidance. He also distilled absinthe and scotch.