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An Agile Workforce’s Best Desk Booking Software

The Best in Workplace Flexibility

To ensure your mobile workforce returns to their workstations confidently, you must provide them with a reliable solution. Space consumption matrices and floor maps are displayed in real-time with this interactive software. DeskFlex software allows your employees to be hybrid-ready by providing unique booking solutions.

There will be an increase in employee-centric workplaces, which will foster freedom, flexibility, and experience for all employees. It is possible to adapt current office space more efficiently and establish a healthy working environment by utilizing a dynamic desk booking system. DeskFlex makes it easy for you to bring back staff to your business.

Desk management that is seamless and flexible

By creating a modern workplace that stimulates contact and collaboration, DeskFlex aims to bring people together. Your floor maps and current workstations can be uploaded quickly and easily. With our built-in technology, your personnel can locate reserved workstations with pinpoint accuracy.

Offices can track employee desk booking status via a dashboard using a desk reservation tool. Keep your employees informed of approvals and rejections in real time.

What Hybrid Workplaces Will Look Like In The Future

In a full facility, an intelligent admin dashboard can assist your employees in reserving a desk.

Desks can be managed by admins from anywhere using a mobile app. A safe, COVID-compliant workplace is made possible with our in-app desk management, which includes real-time desk availability, floor maps, and configurable access control.  

Capacity Management for Office Desks

You can optimize your office space with our intelligent workplace optimization software. It ensures that the facility’s employee capacity is not exceeded with DeskFlex.

Requests for Reservations should be managed

This dashboard allows admins to manage desk booking requests. A request can be approved or denied by the admin after it has been evaluated. 

Working from home

We provide you with a hot desking solution that helps keep your employees safe and promotes a healthy work environment. Prepare ahead of time by finding the right location and booking your desk.

Managing shifts

With ease, upload your employee database and assign workstations based on employee shifts. Scheduling an employee’s desk based on his or her shift is easy for managers.

Why DeskFlex is the best booking solution

DeskFlex’s Booking Solution: More Reasons To Choose Occupancy monitoring and current premise management technologies to monitor building-level occupancy and desk reservation with the best accuracy and insight.

  • Experiences of employees
  • Ensured the safety of the workplace
  • Facility optimization through smart technologies 
  • Insights and Reports
  • Artificial Intelligence Access Control 
  • Solutions for DeskFlex Bookings
  • In order for an organization to succeed, effective desk scheduling solutions are critical. Provide intelligent solutions and tools to help your remote workers overcome their daily challenges and avoid significant interruptions.
  • With DeskFlex’s office desk booking software, your employees can schedule workstations and see where their colleagues are seated. In addition, establish team-specific tables to encourage on-site communication in accordance with social distance guidelines. DeskFlex allows hybrid workplaces to easily book desks.  

Here are some frequently asked questions

Desk booking systems: what are they?

With a desk booking system, you can implement flexible, activity-based workspaces throughout your business, so your employees can reserve space when they need it, balancing their professional and personal lives. Employees in various industries may benefit from DeskFlex desk booking software, which can help them find the best workspace for their needs. It will allow them to:

  • Underutilized spaces should be eliminated
  • Provide self-service capabilities and features.
  • Discover which spots are reserved, for how long, and other vital information.
  • Employ a flexible and agile workforce
  • Office hoteling software simplifies desk assignment management