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According to Takashi Miyagawa wiki, Bio and Biography, he is a Japanese man, who has been arrested after reportedly dating more than 35 women at the same time.

Miyagawa is a part-time worker, who is being investigated for allegedly defrauding dozens of women by pretending he was serious about each of their relationships and receiving hundreds of pounds worth of gifts from them.


Takashi Miyagawa is 39 years old.

Dating 35 Women At The Same Time

All the while, his gals — apparently blinded by love — were completely oblivious to each other’s existence.

In the most recent scam, the serial sex swindler told one 47-year-old lover that his birthday was on Feb. 22 — despite it actually falling on Nov. 13. Another victim said he convinced her his birthday was in July, while a third mark was fooled into thinking it occurred in April.

Japanese broadcaster MBS recently released photographs showing Miyagawa with many different women, including one that depicts a table with two cakes and a note saying “Happy Birthday.”

All told, the catfish’s fauxmantic racket netted him a whopping JPY 100,000 (or $929.44) worth of presents, clothes, and cash.

Miyagawa had reportedly met the single women while selling them hydrogen showerheads and other products for an unnamed company and began each relationship under the assumption that marriage was in the cards.

He managed to con at least 35 women before the scorned sugar mamas banded together with a la “John Tucker Must Die” and reported the scoundrel to the police in February, according to local media outlets.


He is accused of targeting at least 35 single women through his work, allegedly pretending to each that the relationship was serious and saying he wanted to spend his life with them.

A report by MBS News included photographs apparently showing Miyagawa with women in different locations, such as a park and restaurant.

Police are reportedly investigating to find out whether any other women were taken in by the alleged serial dating scheme.

The story elicited mixed responses online, with one reader commenting that “He’s an awful person, but I envy his time-management skills,” according to SoraNews24.

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