Who Is Albert Clifford Wilkes? Accused Of Biting Ear Of Brother

Taylor Prince wiki – Taylor Prince Biography

Taylor Prince is an 18 year old female from Nashville, Tennessee. Prince is accused of participating in a robbery and kidnapping after luring a man to her home via Snapchat.

Police having loaded Prince with aggravated theft and kidnapping. They say the victim went to a house on North 40th Avenue near Boyd Park, entered a bedroom and was attacked by several thieves.

The warrant in the case says the thieves were armed with a stun gun and hammer. They searched the man’s pockets, took his cell phone, and forced him to use the Cash app to send them 750.

Police said the victim’s head was covered and she was taken in her car and driven into town. They finally dropped him off 7 miles away.

In addition to Prince, three teenagers have been charged with the crime: Hugo Tabora, Deyton Farless and Michael Barlow.

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