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According to Timothy Wilks Bio, Wiki and Biography, Timothy Wilks was shot and killed in the parking lot of Urban Air indoor trampoline park on Friday evening in Nashville, Tennessee, NBC News reported. Nashville police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred on Friday night during a robbery “prank” for a YouTube video.


Timothy Wilks was 20 years old.

Dead in Youtube Prank

When officers responded to the scene, David Starnes Jr., 23, admitted to shooting Wilks in self-defence, the outlet wrote.

Witnesses told investigators that Wilks and his friend, who has not been named, were taking part in a “prank” robbery filming content for a YouTube video, the New York Post reported.

According to witnesses, Wilks and his friend were wielding butcher knives and approached a group of people, including Starnes.

A group of people with butcher knives were approached by Wilks and a friend. Starnes was at the party and did not know about the joke. He shot Wilks, according to the police, to protect himself and others.

Starnes told officers he did not know Wilks and was unaware the situation was a prank and shot Wilks to defend himself and his group of people.


No charges have been introduced, according to the MNPD. The inquiry is still being completed.

Police Investigation

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said on Saturday that an investigation is ongoing but no one has been charged at this time, including Starnes, NBC News reported.

Authorities did not provide more information about Wilks’ friend who was present at the time of the shooting or whether they suffered injuries in the shooting.

They also did not confirm whether Starnes had a gun permit. According to WZTV, Wilks and his friend ran at the group with knives so they could capture on video the scared expressions of the strangers.

A lawyer told the outlet, “I’m sure the people involved would like to characterize this as a prank.
But it certainly seems to be a prank that went seriously awry,” and said Wilks’ friend could potentially face charges.

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