Tina Bejarano Gardere (California Woman) Bio, Wiki, Age, Son, Family

Tina Bejarano Gardere
Tina Bejarano Gardere

Tina Bejarano Gardere Bio

Tina Bejarano Gardere is a woman from LOS BANOS, California, who recently discovered that her first child Kristin Cooke from 30 years ago, was alive. She told his son died at birth nearly 30 years ago, has been alive this whole time.

Tina Bejarano Gardere Lost Her Child

She told that his son Kristin Cooke had died at birth. According to Bejarano, she gave birth at age 17, and her mother had said to her that the baby had died about 15 minutes after the birth.

Bejarano told KMPH-TV that she always celebrated the child’s birthday each year and mourned the loss. The child was adopted at five days old and grew up in the Las Vegas area.

Cooke reached out to Bejarano after a DNA test revealed that she was his mother. Bejarano says they have been communicating for months over the phone and will meet in-person at Thanksgiving.

Tina Bejarano Gardere’s Husband & Children

Bejarano dated Eric Gardere a few months after “losing” Cooke, and they got married in July of 1991 shortly after her 19th birthday.

They went on to have five children, two daughters, and three sons. Gardere was not the biological father of Bejarano’s first child.

The family lives in Los Banos, which located in Merced County in central California. She describes herself as a Happily married woman with six kids, 12 grandkids.

Tina Bejarano and husband Eric Gardere operate a martial arts school in Los Banos called Twin Tigers Kung-Fu. A LinkedIn page for Tina Gardere states that she is the office manager for the school.

Kristin Cooke, Transgender

Cooke is transgender and referred to as a man. He now lives in New Jersey with a wife and child of his own.

Kristin Cooke has a blog called “The Trans Dad,” documenting his fatherly experiences. In the blog, Cook explained that he raised in a Mormon family in Las Vegas but felt out of place as a girl.

He said the mother who raised him was supportive of his choices and allowed him to dress like a boy. Bejarano said it made no difference to her because she loves her child no matter what.

Cooke came out as a lesbian as a teenager. He said he met his wife, Ashley, in 2010, and they got married in 2013 as a lesbian couple.

Their daughter, Scarlet Rae, was born in March of 2019. He explained that his decision to transition put a severe strain on the marriage, but that he and Ashley eventually worked their way through it.

Tina Bejarano Gardere DNA Test

Speaking to KMPH-TV reporter Marie Edinger, Tina Bejarano Gardere explained that growing up; she didn’t know her extended family well.

Her stepfather and mother raised her. As an adult, one of Bejarano’s daughters convinced her that it would be interesting to take a DNA test to learn more about her family heritage.

She never imagined that the trial would lead to finding her first-born child. Bejarano explained that she had believed her own mother’s claim that the baby had died at birth.