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Tracy Hinson
Tracy Hinson

Tracy Hinson Bio

Tracy Hinson is the Meteorologist on FOX 12. She was born in Silicon Valley, California, Hinson celebrates her birthday every year on 6 July. she publicly called out a viewer who had body-shamed her over social media.

Earlier Life & Education

She lives with her family, father, mother, and sister. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from San Jose State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Operational Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Tracy Hinson Career

Hinson started working at multiple news outlets in the weather. She worked at KNTV alongside experienced meteorologists while doubling production.

She gained an appreciation for news at KGO-TV, working the assignment desk gathering news and information. Tracey is a Meteorologist and reporter at FOX 12 Oregon.

Now she works for the NBC affiliate KSDK-TV in St. Louis, Missouri.

Tracy Hinson Engagement

Tracy Hinson is engaged to a fellow meteorologist Garry Frank. Her fiance is a forecaster in Kansas City. They have a dog named Herbie and a cat named Oliver Nacho.

Tracy Hinson Instagram

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Tracy Hinson Body-Shamer

on October 17, 2019, KSDK-TV decided to address the body-shaming in a follow-up story.

Anchor Kay Quinn explained that they wanted to address the point that body-shaming is never acceptable.

In the on-air segment, Hinson described feeling “touched” by the kind responses she received after publicly responding to the body-shamer.

It’s such an important message, No matter what you look like, what you like to eat, you know, that’s part of living. We need to be kind to one another.

Hinson added with a laugh; I will always treasure my carb baby,” as she touched her stomach as if she was pregnant.

Quinn added It’s easy to sit at home and make these comments and share your opinions, but I think we also have to think about the effect our words have on other people, even if we never see them in person.