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Tyler Flach Bio

Tyler Flach is an aspiring rapper. He went by the name BabyTy and who recorded a music video, is accused in the stabbing death of Khaseen Morris, a 16-year-old boy from Oceanside, New York, who was murdered in a brawl outside a strip mall. Bystanders watching the murder unfold filmed it on a video they posted to social media instead of helping Keen.

Tyler Flach Age

He was 19 years old.

Tyler Flach Charge

Tyler Flach was charged with murder. He is also a teenager. According to NBC New York, Flach, 18, is from Lido Beach, which is a community located in Nassau County, New York. He lives along Greenway Road.

“An innocent life to the hands of a nobody (sic) over nothing,” wrote one man on Twitter. Tyler Flach was in my bus 112 class in my first semester…he was the exact type of person you would think he is. His existence has only tormented others and now he has [allegedly] taken the life of a 16-year-old who did not.

Around 3:45 p.m., after school let out at Oceanside High School, said Fitzpatrick, the kids come down to this vicinity to go to the pizzeria and congregate in this shopping mall.” He said there was a “prearranged type of dispute going on over a young lady that “boiled over here.

Tyler Flach Arrested

Police say the suspect was arrested on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. According to NBC New York, Flach will be arraigned on Thursday, September 19 in Hempstead.

Fitzpatrick said police don’t have evidence of gang affiliation among the group that charged at Khaseen, but he said that “things were being shouted as this group left. We’re still researching what this meant.”

“We’re still vetting out a lot of videos,” Fitzpatrick also said, adding that police were looking at the video to try to “identify everybody.”

This post is being updated as more information is learned about Tyler Flach.

Tyler Flach Rap Video

Flach has a SoundCloud account in the name of BabyTy where he posted rap songs. His latest song, When the Trap Call,” has had more than 112,000 listens. Since Flach’s arrest, that song’s comment thread was filled with angry comments about the murder. He also recorded a video for that song. WHEN THE TRAP CALL” Official Music video dropping soon ! REPOST LIKE ETC,” he wrote on Twitter.

Dumba*s is gonna be locked up,” wrote one person. smh bro u had a whole career goin for urself too,” wrote another.


Who is Khaseen Morris – Bio

Khaseen Morris was a senior at Moat Oceanside High School, a school district spokesperson confirmed to USA Today.

The community is shocked and saddened by this tragedy, she said to the newspaper. We have counselors supporting our students and we’ve reached out to Khaseen’s family. A woman whose son knew Khaseen wrote, …He was such a sweet, respectful young man when I interacted with him.

We are so very, very sorry for this senseless loss. Our prayers are with the family. Another woman wrote, For the short time I got to know Kah, I found he was easy to talk to very kind, funny, and caring to those around him. RIP fly high.

Newsday reported that Khaseen loved skateboarding and was artistic and bubbly, according to his family. A social media threat prompted police to descend on the local high school after word circulated that youths were going to show up in response to Morris’s death.

Khaseen Morris Sister

Khaseen’s sister Keyanna Morris described to Newsday how she cried when watching the video on social media which showed her brother bleeding on the sidewalk.

He was in so much pain, Keyanna Morris told Newsday. She added in the interview that her brother had been threatened by the girl in question’s ex-boyfriend.

To ABC7, she described Morris as so happy because he had friends and had finally found a school where no one was judging him. She wrote on Facebook, How am I going to live without you Poodie.


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