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Tyree Parker allegedly used the weapon he stole from a keyless vehicle to fatally shoot Caroline Schollaert in the early hours of the morning of Aug. 3, police officers in Jacksonville said. Parker is suspected of committing eight car thefts in the city’s Riverside neighborhood that day, and one of his home surveillance cameras caught him loitering in driveways.

Schollaert saw Parker trying to get into his car and pulled out a gun to confront him, cops said. The two engaged in an armed confrontation while she ordered him to stay put and wait for police, authorities said. Parker pulled the trigger, hit Schollaert multiple times, and killed her, said Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Chief of Investigations TK Waters. Waters said the firearm Parker used to allegedly kill Schollaert had been stolen from a keyless vehicle in the neighborhood 11 days before the incident.

Tyree Parker Age

Tyree Parker is 22 years old.

Tyree Parker was Arrested and charged

Tyree Parker was arrested for the murder of Caroline Shollaert. Police believe he had stolen eight cars in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville. A suspected serial car thief was charged Tuesday with the heinous murder of a 27-year-old US Coast Guard member who was trying to stop him outside his Florida home.

“So what was originally a crime of opportunity, the theft of a vehicle, escalated in seconds, resulting in the violent murder of a woman who dedicated her life to serving her country as a noncommissioned officer in the United States Coast Guard. . United, ”Waters said. he said during a press conference.

After a week-long search, police obtained an arrest warrant and said Parker turned himself in to police custody. He was charged with second-degree murder and is being held in the Duval County Jail without bail. His first appearance is scheduled for August 11. Schollaert served in the United States Coast Guard for eight years and was stationed in the HITRON unit in Jacksonville, a specialized helicopter squad dedicated to drug interdiction, reports NEWS 4 Jax.

“He kept those fast helicopters chasing drug canisters and going really fast,” his father Patrick Schollaert told NBC 12. “They have better toys and better helicopters that go even faster. She made sure they were in perfect condition. ”

Caroline Shollaert

Caroline Shollaert had served in the United States Coast Guard for eight years. I was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida with the HITRON unit. She added that she had also started a support group for women in the Coast Guard.

A tribute to Schollaert was held at Cecil Airport on Tuesday, with more than 100 Coast Guard members gathered to honor the slain member before his body was shipped home to Powhatan County, Virginia.

“It can be a bit easy for your family to come here and take your daughter home,” said neighbor Kenneth Reed.

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