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Vaughn Benjamin Bio

Vaughn Benjamin was a 50 years old singer from Antigua, Barbuda. He is known for his work at Midnight and Akae Beka. He was born in 1969 and died on 5 November 2019.  On Akae Beka’s website, the bio says that Midnite was known during their five years living in Washington D.C. for performing three to five-hour sets.

Vaughn Benjamin Career

Benjamin got famed when he work at Midnight and Akae Beka. Midnite released their first album in 1997, Unpolished. The band’s first widely available U.S. release was 1999’s Ras Mek Peace.

The band recorded the album while living in Washington, D.C. A review of the album described Benjamin as being the pure and conscious voice of roots reggae. The report went on to say, Play this record next to any vintage record from the likes of Spear, Marley, and Tosh, and you’ll find it on par with these noble predecessors.

The band was heavily featured in the 2014 documentary, Escape To St. Croix. In total, the band released 11 albums, the last coming in 2014, Beauty for Ashes — that record named as iTunes Reggae Album of the Year for 2015.

A biography on Midnite said that the band relocated from their homeland in 1994 to live in New Jersey. From there, the group began touring across the east coast of the United States before settling in Washington, D.C. Former Midnite drummer Ambrose Connor said of D.C.

At the time, The reggae scene in D.C. circa 1995 was crazy! You could see live reggae music for almost five nights a week. We played clubs like the Roxy, Takoma Station, Mr. Henry’s, Kaffa House, State of the Union. The crowds were always positive and turned out was still right.

Family & Siblings

Vaughn and his brother Ron Benjamin, sons of Antiguan music legend Ronnie Benjamin, Sr., together sowed the seeds of Midnite in 1989. During the mid-1990s, the band embarked on a 5-year vacation in Washington DC, where they became area legends for their nightly 3-5 hour sets.

Albums such as the debut Unpolished (1997), Ras Mek Peace (1999) and the original third release, Jubilees Of Zion (2001), collectively set the tone for what would become more than 60 albums leading up to 2014. That year, their album Beauty For Ashes (a Midnite – I Grade collaboration) was named ‘Reggae Album of the Year’ by iTunes.

Death and Cause

The lead singer of Midnight and Akae Beka Vaughn Benjamin has died on 5 November 2019. He has died at the age of 50. Benjamin’s cause of death has not been made public.

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