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Vladimir Marugov was a Businessman from Slovenia who found dead after intruders broke into his home. Marugov and his partner were in an outdoor sauna when they were attacked, reportedly by two masked assailants. The woman managed to escape through the window and call the police.


Vladimir Marugov’s age is unclear.

Cause of Death, Murder

Several intruders broke into a sauna at the home of a Russian meat tycoon known as the “Sausage King” outside Moscow early on Monday, tied him and a woman up, and demanded money before killing him with a crossbow.

The woman managed to escape the attack in the Moscow region and alert the police but the businessman was dead when officers arrived at the scene, said the Investigative Committee, which positions itself as a Russian version of the FBI.

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The agency did not name the deceased man in its statement, but REN TV and other Russian media identified him as Vladimir Marugov, owner of the “Ozyorsky sausages” and “Meat Empire” sausage factories.

Grisly and sometimes surreal murders often made headlines in Russia in the 1990s after the chaotic Soviet breakup, but have become less common since the current president, Vladimir Putin, came to power at the turn of the century.

The Investigative Committee said the intruders had demanded that Marugov hand over cash kept at his home and had fled in a car. It said investigators had found the murder weapon, a crossbow.

The getaway vehicle also recovered, it said, in a village in the suburbs of Istra, a town west of Moscow where affluent Russians have country homes known as dachas and like to spend the weekends.

Police Investigation

Detectives found the body of Mr. Marugov, who owned some of Russia’s largest meat-processing plants, in the sauna with a crossbow next to it.

The attack happened at Mr. Marugov’s countryside estate, about 40km (25 miles) outside the capital, Moscow, early on Monday morning, Russia’s Investigative Committee (similar to the FBI in the US) reported.

It did not name the man, but local media identified him as Mr. Marugov, the owner of the Ozyorsky and Meat Empire sausage factories.

Vladimir Marugov Net Worth

Vladimir Marugov’s net worth is unclear.

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