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Whitney Mitchell is the fiancee of Garrett Foster, who died in a shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin. He was shot dead while with his fiancee a quadruple amputee who was in a wheelchair.

Police have not yet publicly identified Foster as the victim in the shooting. The driver of a car who is believed to have shot Foster was taken into custody by Austin Police and is cooperating in the investigation, a police spokesperson said. He has not been identified. Foster’s mother, Sheila Foster, identified her son in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America.

Witnesses and police said Foster was carrying a rifle. Open carry is legal in Texas. Police said he was approaching a car that had driven up to the crowd of protesters. Foster’s mother, Sheila Foster, told ABC News her son and his fiancee were taking part in the protest, when the driver, got out of his car and started firing shots, and my son was shot three times.

Whitney Mitchell With Garrett Foster at Downtown Protest

The shooting happened just before 10 p.m. on Saturday night, July 25, in downtown Austin. Police said the suspect drove into the protests and shot at Foster, but the details of exactly what transpired are still being determined. The photo in the tweet above was taken earlier in the day before the protest happened. Foster is wearing the green shirt, standing next to Whitney Mitchell, who is in the wheelchair. According to Mitchell’s Facebook page, they were engaged, but some friends said on social media that they were married.

In a video taken after the shooting, Hiram Gilberto interviewed a protester about what happened. Gilberto was at the scene and recorded live when the shooting happened. The woman told Gilberto that Foster was Mitchell’s husband and her caretaker. She said the two had been out nearly every day during the protests.

Foster’s mother, Sheila Foster, told ABC News her son was pushing Mitchell’s wheelchair before he was shot. She said Mitchell’s mother called her and she told him her son had been shot. “They’ve been participating in these protests almost every day for the past 50 days,” Sheila Foster told ABC News. “I talked to him two days ago and I was texting him yesterday, I didn’t get to talk to him today.”

She said he told her the protests were, “extremely peaceful,” and he “hadn’t experienced any of the negative stuff that we’re seeing sometimes on the media. He was doing it because he feels really strongly about justice and he’s very heavily against police brutality and he wanted to support his fiancee, his fiancee is an African-American woman. They’ve been together since they were 17 years old. He just felt really strong about justice.”

Just last year, Foster shared a post about how he and Mitchell had been together for 10 years and were celebrating their anniversary.

“A car drove up. We were taking the streets, and he shot Garrett,” an unidentified protester told Gilberto just a few minutes after the shooting. “Garrett is the husband of Whitney, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, and he is her caretaker and has been for like 10 years. … They’ve been out here for … all 50 days so far.”

Foster Was a Libertarian Who Supported Jo Jorgensen’s Candidacy

Foster wasn’t shy about sharing that he supported Jo Jorgensen’s presidential campaign. Jorgensen is running as the Libertarian candidate for President.

His last public post on Facebook shared a Libertarian quote about not trusting the government. He was also open in sharing his disagreement with actions that the federal police were taking in Portland.

He often talked about how he felt things would improve in the country under a Jorgenson presidency.