Who is Alison Turkos (Lyft Sexual Assault) Bio, Wiki, Age, 5 Fast Facts

Alison Turkos Bio
Alison Turkos Bio

Alison Turkos Bio

Alison Turkos is a woman from New York, USA who was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint by her Lyft driver and at least two other men.

She is a Vermont native and a graduate of Plymouth State University with degrees in English and women’s studies. She writes in her Twitter profile, “Survivor / Victim of rape fighting for change. Working in Repro. Proud feminist.”

On Instagram, Turkos describes herself by writing, “Feminist. Queer. I #BelieveSurvivors. Professional rabble rouser in the repro movement.”

Turkos’s Age

Alison Turkos is 31-years of age.

Alison Turkos Work for?

Alison has worked with Planned Parenthood as a counsellor and with the New York Abortion Access Fund as a co-chair of the nonprofit organization’s board.

She also worked with NARAL and the National Institute for Reproductive Health. In January 2015, she raised awareness for women’s health by live-tweeting her IUD insertion.

Alison has been a longtime advocate for reproductive and women’s health, other women’s rights and for sexual assault survivors, according to her social media profiles.

Alison was among many sexual assault survivors who went to Washington D.C. to talk to U.S. Senators to implore them to vote against Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation. In July 2019, she wrote an op-ed for NBC News about the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Raped & Sues Lyft

Alison Turkos says that in the fall of 2018 she was at a party in New York when she got into a Lyft and fell asleep.

“Alison remembers the men cheering and high fiving each other as they continued to rape her,” Turkos’ attorneys wrote in the lawsuit. “Their attack was so brutal that the next day Alison experienced severe vaginal pain and bleeding. Her body was so exhausted from the attack and resulting trauma that Alison could not even leave her bed or raise her arms.”

She was expecting to wake up at her Brooklyn home about 15 minutes away but instead was driven into New Jersey, where she says she was held at gunpoint and gang-raped by at least two men.

Turkos’ lawsuit comes weeks after 14 women sued Lyft accusing the company of mishandling their complaints of sexual assault by drivers. The lawsuit was filed September 17 in California state superior court in San Francisco.

Rape Investigations By FBI

The rape and kidnapping case remains under investigation by the FBI after it was passed along to the federal agency by the NYPD, according to the lawsuit.

The FBI has jurisdiction over the case because Turkos says she was brought across state lines by her driver and then raped in New Jersey. No arrests have been made. Turkos says the case is now being considered a human trafficking investigation.

Turkos first spoke out about her case earlier this year, at a January 2019 press conference and again to the Wall Street Journal on May 2018.

She told the Journal, in an article about her frustration with the NYPD, “I can’t get my detective to answer my email or return my calls. How can you tell us to report when we can’t get you to do your jobs?”

Turkos wrote that she did what society says she is “supposed” to do by reporting her rape to police and to Lyft’s safety and trust team, but she says, “after all that, they couldn’t even be bothered to answer a simple email. They ignored, belittled, dismissed me.

Lyft’s failure to properly investigate the failures of their system that lead to my kidnapping and rape has severely hampered the ongoing criminal investigation.”