Amanda Carmack

Amanda Carmack Bio

Amanda Carmack is the mother of missing girl Skylea Carmack. She is now accused of the girl’s murder. Skylea Carmack (Age 10-Year-old) disappeared on August 31, 2019.

She Was Watching Six Other Children That Day & Skylea’s Father Thought the Girl Ran Away.

Amanda Carmack

Amanda Carmack Arrested

She’s now under arrest and facing a murder charge, according to authorities. In addition, she’s accused of neglecting a dependent resulting in death and domestic battery causing death and strangulation, authorities allege.

According to FOX59, Skylea’s father is named Kevin Carmack, and he told the television station he thought the girl ran away. At the time, the TV station reported, he was at work and Skylea was at home with Amanda and six other children.

The Department of Child Services took the other six children from the home, he told Fox59. The girl tried to run away before.

Skylea Carmack Missing

Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Joined in the Search for Skylea Carmack. area volunteer firemen are still searching for 10-year-old Skylea Carmack, Indiana State Police wrote before Skylea was found.

She was last seen Saturday afternoon in Gas City. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Indiana State Police at 765-473-6666.

Police Statement

Amanda Carmack was the person who reported Skylea missing in the first place, according to Slocum. But she’s accused of not doing it until later that evening.

Gas City is an area that “loves, that cares,” Slocum said in the press conference, stressing the joint law enforcement effort that went into figuring out what happened to Skylea.

Asked about the motive, he said it was impossible to “rationalize why someone would kill a 10 year old.”


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