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Colombian security forces have captured the country’s most wanted drug smuggler, Diro Antonio Asuga, a rural militant who has been fleeing after defaming state officials and linking himself to left and right fighters.

The President of the House of Commons likened the arrest of Diro Antonio Asuga to the arrest of Pablo Escobar three decades ago.

The Colombian army mourned the media wearing handcuffs and rubber boots, a favorite of rural farmers.


He is 50 years old.

Dior Antonio Asuga Drug Dealer

Ga Soga, better known by his nickname Otunel, is the alleged head of a frightened Gulf tribe whose assassins have terrorized much of northern Colombia to control key cocaine trafficking routes in North Central America. And reach out to the United States.

He has long been on the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s most wanted fugitive list, for which he was awarded a 5 million reward. He was first indicted in a federal court in Manhattan in 2009 on drug charges and for allegedly helping the US government designate a right-wing paramilitary group a terrorist organization. ۔

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Brooklyn and Miami federal courts later indicted him for importing at least 73 metric tons of cocaine between 2003 and 2014 from countries including Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Honduras.

But like many of his gunmen, he has been roaming the ranks of several guerrilla groups, most recently claiming to lead Colombia’s Gaetanist self-defense forces since the mid-20th century.


Officials said intelligence provided by the United States and Britain led more than 500 troops and members of Colombia’s special forces to the Suga forest base, which is protected by eight security cordons.

For years, Suga has been flying under the radar of the authorities, leaving the high profile of Colombia’s famous Narcos.


His arrest is an incentive for the conservative Duke, whose law and order have no resemblance to cocaine production.

According to a White House report, cocaine production – the raw material for cocaine – increased by 16 percent last year to a record 245,000 hectares, unprecedented in two decades of US eradication efforts. ۔

Post. Who is Diro Antonio Asuga? Wiki, biography, age, arrest, drug lord, interrogation. First published Wiki Bio Facts.

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