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Mark Gooch Judges found an Air Force base airman guilty of kidnapping and killing a Mennonite woman and leaving her dead in the desert. Based on these sentences, the judge found him guilty of robbery.

Mark Gooch, 22, kidnapping. Sasha Cruz Authorities say the 27-year-old was taken from his community near Farmington, New Mexico, in January 2020, and taken by flag staff to clear the forest outside Arizona. At one point, he had her wrists tied, officials said. Prosecutor Amon Barker told the jury in closing arguments Friday that Gooch shot him in the head with his rifle and then shot him in the back of the victim’s head.

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Mark Gooch is 22 years old.

Mark Gooch convicted of killing Sasha Cruz

Gooch grew up in a Mennonite community but “rejected” life there and joined the army, his father said. James Gooch Testified in Coquino County, Arizona. He was deeply offended by at least one brother. Virginia State Trooper. Jacob Gooch He was told that he had fined a Mennonite man and that he had coughed to give the man a cove. Mark Gooch encouraged her: “Go to hell.”

Barker said he enjoyed the pain of a man he did not know. Prosecutors say that’s what Cruz did. (Jacob Gooch resigns for text)

Barker said the insult contradicted police statements about why he was in Farmington. He claimed he was there because he was deprived of the Mennonite community and wanted to join a church. However, Gooch was not a mastermind, Barker said. He was unable to hide the evidence and lied which did not stand up to scrutiny. Barker said, for example, that he claimed that one afternoon Mennonite Church “closed” to check service hours, but the fact is that he was there for three hours and 31 minutes. Was

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Gooch wrote to another brother, Sam GoochThat he was “supervising”, but found only old people who, in his words, did not have “much to live on.” Barker said it was proof that he was on the flag staff on January 12, 2020, six days before Cruz’s disappearance.

Barker said he tried and failed to hide his fingerprints in Cruz’s murder, but deleting information from his Google account did not touch AT&T’s records. Evidence from the cell phone showed her presence at the scene of the abduction in New Mexico and at the murder scene in Arizona, and also helped to implicate Gooch in his lies.

Defense attorney Bruce Griffin argued that the state’s alleged evidence was disproportionate or otherwise light. For example, he suggested that if Gooch really hated meningitis, the record should have been stronger than just two references over a four-year period. He argued that Gooch was really interested in being part of the Mennonite community. Gooch was alone, he said and looking for a community.

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