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Shannon O’Connor Biography – Wiki

Shannon O’Connor is a California mother accused of hosting sex parties involving teens as young as 13 at her home. Prosecutors say O’Connor saw the teens engage in sexual activity and even encouraged them to have sex without consent, according to a statement from the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.


Shannon O’Connor is 47-years-old.

Husband & Children

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office named O’Connor’s husband in the statement of fact. Mercury News further identified him as the chief revenue officer for a technology company called SlashNext.

The case summary listing the charges against O’Connor, released by the district attorney’s office, including the address of the home in Los Gatos where investigators said most of the parties took place. A quick search online shows that the house was last purchased in 2013 for almost $ 3 million. As of this writing, it was up for sale for over $ 4.6 million.

Prosecutors said that at the time of his arrest, O’Connor lived in Eagle, Idaho. It was not immediately clear when he moved from Los Gatos.

Accused & Hosted Teen Sex Parties

O’Connor, who also uses the surname Bruga, faces dozens of charges including endangering a minor, child abuse, sexual assault, and providing alcohol to minors.

Prosecutors say the majority of the crimes charged took place in Los Gatos, California, between June 2020 and May 2021, according to the district attorney’s statement of fact. O’Connor later moved to Eagle, Idaho, and was arrested by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho. He will be extradited to California to face the charges.

Encouraged Her Son’s Friends to Hook Up With Each Other

O’Connor is the mother of a teenage son. According to the statement of fact released by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, O’Connor’s son turned 15 in October 2020. He was a freshman at Los Gatos High School and was on the team soccer, Mercury News reported. A father of one of the girls involved told the newspaper that the teens invited to the parties were friends of O’Connor’s son.

At a party, a 14-year-old girl said that she was not feeling well and went to a bedroom to go to bed. Prosecutors said O’Connor led one of the teens into the bedroom. Investigators said the boy “digitally penetrated” the girl while she was crying and that she was too drunk to resist. She told investigators that she later asked O’Connor, “Why did you leave me there with him? You knew what he was going to do to me.” He said O’Connor laughed at her.

According to prosecutors, O’Connor pressured at least one girl to “do sexual things” with O’Connor’s son. O’Connor is also accused of encouraging girls to go to bedrooms where a younger child was waiting. If the girls refused, prosecutors said O’Connor would “take them aside for a private conversation” until they agreed.

Prosecutors Say O’Connor Encouraged Binge Drinking

Prosecutors said O’Connor supplied all the alcohol for the minors to drink and that she was always the only adult present at the parties. According to the district attorney’s office statement of fact, teens often drank alcohol to the point where they vomited or passed out, but O’Connor never asked for help.

At a party, investigators say, O’Connor ordered a 13-year-old girl to care for a boy who was extremely intoxicated and covered in her own vomit.

Police said they obtained party videos showing O’Connor with the teens while they were consuming alcohol. He also communicated with teens about alcohol on a Snapchat group, prosecutors said.

Parties Led to Serious Injuries

In addition to underage binge drinking that caused teens to fall ill and alleged sexual assaults, researchers say there were other injuries and dangerous situations. In December 2020, prosecutors said O’Connor drove his son and two of his friends in his vehicle while they drank alcohol.

He allegedly drove to Los Gatos High School, where he allowed one of the boys to get behind the wheel and drive around the parking lot. Prosecutors said O’Connor’s son and the third child were hanging from the back of the truck. The third boy fell from the vehicle, hit his head, and was unconscious for at least 30 seconds, prosecutors said.

A witness called 911. When police approached O’Connor’s vehicle on a nearby 7-11, where they had gone to get ice for the boy, O’Connor claimed that the vomit in the back seat of the vehicle was due to dizziness. Authorities said a doctor later confirmed that the boy had suffered a concussion.

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A teenage girl told investigators that at a party she nearly drowned in the hot tub after drinking too much alcohol. A girl also broke her little finger and required surgery to repair it after she was injured at a Halloween party, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors also described a party that took place at a rented cabin in Santa Cruz to celebrate O’Connor’s son’s 15th birthday. Prosecutors said O’Connor ordered two large alcohol deliveries to the home. The wild party results in $ 9,000 in property damage to the home, authorities said. The owners’ external cameras recorded the teens urinating and vomiting outside.

Kept the Parties a Secret From Her Husband

Investigators said O’Connor kept the parties from her husband. Prosecutors described a party where O’Connor rushed all the teens out of the house when she realized her husband was almost home.
During a Halloween party at her home, prosecutors said O’Connor supplied the alcohol but had the teens hide it in the bushes until she and her husband left the house. O’Connor instructed the teens via Snapchat to clean the house before she and her husband returned, investigators said.

O’Connor helped the teens sneak out of their homes at night to attend parties, prosecutors said. She also reportedly put a lot of pressure on the teens to never tell their parents what was going on. One girl told investigators that O’Connor threatened to spread rumors about her.


The post Who is Shannon O’Connor? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, California Mom, Hosted Teen Sex Parties appeared first on wikibiouk.

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