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Florida school officials forced Sofia Steele to wear a mask with Down syndrome by tying it on her head for six weeks, her angry father claims.

On October 7, Sofia dropped out of school with a mask, wet with saliva, and a thin nylon wire tied around her head.


She is 7 years old.

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A Florida father is accusing his daughter’s primary school teachers of forcing his daughter to wear a mask with Down syndrome to keep her tied on her head for about six weeks.

Jeffrey Steele’s daughter, Sofia Steele, is non-verbal and has a long tongue. Steele told Fox News Digital that on October 7, Sofia came down from school with a mask, wet with her saliva, tied a thin, nylon wire around her head, or the day before.

Steele said Sofia has an individualized education plan (IEP), and teachers should inform parents of changes in their children’s IEPs.

But the school never informed him or his wife that they would ask Sofia to wear a mask, and no one asked her parents for her consent to wear it on her face during school.

Steele stressed that her daughter breathes through her mouth and cannot speak, so wearing a mask is dangerous to her health in more ways than one.

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In September, Ocean Breeze Elementary School in Indian Harbor Beach enacted its Mask Mandate to oppose the efforts of Florida Gov. Ron Decentes to ban children from wearing masks in schools.

“As soon as the mother applied to the school leadership, the student was exempted from the medical mask,” said Russell Burhan, chief strategic communications officer at Breward Public Schools. “The school district is investigating and gathering all the facts. BPS strives to ensure that every student has the best academic experience and to continue to do so.

Steele went to the school on October 12 with the service officer present to ask for answers. He said he waited several days to express his concerns because he needed to take some time to gather himself. At the same meeting, school officials allegedly confessed to Steele that they were wearing Sofia’s mask over her face or had been wearing hair clips for about six weeks without her parents’ consent.

Steele hired a lawyer and kicked Sofia out of school. He told Fox

The family has launched a campaign on a Christian fundraising site entitled “Sofia’s Rights”. GiveSendGo And raised more than $ 30,000.

Post. Who is Sofia Steele? Vicky, biography, age, teachers put masks on the student’s face. First published Wiki Bio Facts.

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