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Vendry Avery.

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Vendry Avery.A Florida man has been charged with the murder of a young mother during a work zoom call. شمایا لن۔The 21-year-old was killed when his own young child picked up an unprotected handgun, pulled a trigger and fired.

According to court documents, the gun’s owner, 22-year-old Vendry Avery, kept the gun in a bag adorned with children’s program animated characters and that her 2-year-old son, the boy who fired the fatal shot, knew how to use it. For. Toy guns

Vondry Every Age.

Vendry Avery is 22 years old.

Charged – Arrested.

Avery was charged with two counts of shooting this week: failing to safely store firearms and murder. According to Prison record

He was jailed in Seminole County, Florida on Tuesday and was due to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.

One of the participants in the unfortunate multi-party zoom was selected to immediately alert the police about what happened.

A colleague who called 911 reported that a boy “started jumping on the bed without a shirt during the zoom call and appeared to be wearing only diapers”. “He heard a loud noise and the boy in the background started crying,” said the companion. The victim’s head fell back and moved in again. [view of the] Screen. “The university saw,” he said. [Lynn’s] Nose “before the hunt” again off screen “No one responded when his colleagues asked for help.

Finally, several minutes later, the companion told police that he heard Avery enter the room and scream. Zoom’s call remained active while Avery herself called 911. The companion said he tried to call Avery but apparently could not hear her. The boy was the only other person in the room when he fired.

Another colleague who was on the zoom call said the sound of the bullet “sounded like a box falling to the ground”.

Participants reported that the zoom call was not recorded. According to court records, authorities are trying to determine if Zoom has a backup recording of the meeting on its servers.

“Wonder Avery stored the loaded firearms in a way and in a place that was attractive and easily accessible to children, as a result of which a child opened fire, killing Shama Lin.” 752.07, contrary to Florida law, “criminal information charge. In addition, it is alleged that Avery left the weapon” in an impolite, reckless, angry or threatening manner, without due process of law. ۔ “

The police report filed in court includes additional factual claims. Explain that Avery Lin had a boyfriend. Avery Lin was doing CPR when officers arrived at the couple’s home in response to various 911 calls.

Lane was killed in the room he shared with defendant, officials said. The couple had two children at home: one was 2 years old and the other was 11 months old.

“I saw a bloody pistol and several other firearms on display at the nightstand,” an officer wrote in response to a court report.

A “seemingly upset” defendant told authorities in a later interview at the police station that “everything was normal” in his relationship with his dead girlfriend.

Defendant said he took a left to meet a chiropractor. When he returned home, his 2-year-old son told him he had a head injury. Defendant said he saw a blow to his son’s head. When he went to ask Lin how he got hurt, he saw her “falling into her computer chair.” Police continued to report that she was “irresponsible” and “had a lot of blood on her head and face.”

Defendant said he immediately called 911 and initiated CPR as directed by a sender.

“He saw his personal Glock pistol on the bed, on the sheets,” Wondre said, according to the report. He said he “took the gun and kept it out of the reach of children at his nightstand.” Removed the projectile and handed it over to the first officer who responded. “

Defendant stated that he “owns and stores four firearms at the residence.” Defendant stated that he had normally kept Glock 43, which had a lethal pill attached to his bed “in a petrol bag”. Officers immediately noticed that “Pow Patrol” was an “animated children’s show” and that the bag was decorated with “colors”. . . Cartoon pictures of dogs that the child will love. ”

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The police report alleges that the loaded Glock was not equipped with a security lock. Defendant admitted that he had “prepared the gun to fire in the chamber.” Avery also said her 2-year-old son “plays with toy guns and knows how to operate.” He also made this claim. [his son] The toy likes to pull the trigger on guns, “police added.

Court records show that authorities issued a search warrant and recovered weapons, ammunition, a bag of “pow petrol” and an “unknown quantity of cannabis” from the residence. Other weapons included “[t] Wow unlocked and unsafe rifles. . . “And” open and unprotected SCCY pistol on the upper shelf of the bedroom closet. . . On the lower shelf in the closet. . . It would be accessible if a child climbed on the shelf. ”

Police reports show that Avery’s story and Left’s receipts were checked and that there was no way he could have produced the deadly lead.

Police attempted to interview 2-year-old Trigger with a grandfather who failed due to the child’s age.

According to court records, Avery is charged with murderNegligence negligence.This law generally applies to how a defendant harms the victim due to a general lack of conscience. Under Florida law, if a “real personal injury” occurs, the offense is a second-degree misdemeanor. If a victim is only personally injured, the crime is a third degree error.

However, an additional part of Sunshine State’s negligence law applies to cases where minors acquire firearms. This section applies when a defendant “leaves a loaded firearm within the reach or easy access of a minor” who then “acquires the weapon and injures himself or another person or Uses to cause death. ” Such situations are a third degree crime.

Of Florida. Model jury instructions consist of This definition Criminal negligence:

Each of us has a duty to treat others fairly. If this obligation is violated, intentionally causing harm, that violation is negligence. But criminal negligence is more than a failure to use common care for others. To blame negligence, it must be offensive and obvious. Criminal negligence is a behavior that ignores the negligence to protect human life, or the lives of those affected by its dangerous effects, or the full desire for such care in order to create a conscious indifference to the consequences. Negligence, negligence, or gross disregard for the safety and welfare of the people, or indifference to the rights of others, is tantamount to a deliberate violation of such rights.

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