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Warren Durham
Warren Durham

Warren Durham Bio, Wiki

Warren Durham is a 52-years-old former resource officer of Vance County Middle School. The Venice County Sheriff’s Office fired him for after he was caught on video body-slamming an 11-year-old boy.

Warren Durham Work For?

Durham served two years as a deputy in the Venice County Sheriff’s Office and during that time was assigned as a school resource officer at Venice Middle School. He is listed on the school’s website as it is part of the anti-bullying program at the school, as well as other deputies deployed there.

Charges (Body-Slamming An 11-year-old Boy)

Warren Durham was caught on video of an 11-year-old boy body-slamming at Venice County Middle School. He was fired on December 16, 2019, three days after the school district brought a video of the disturbing surveillance to the sheriff’s office.

The video clip, which has no sound, is shown walking down the hall to the Durham and the boy’s school. Suddenly, Durham rolled with one arm and surrounded the boy in his chest, lifting him up in the air and dropping him to the ground.

Then in the video, Durham stands with her and shows a scream. In the video, Durham is seen lifting the boy with two hands and then driving him down first to the face of the earth. Durham can then be seen dragging the boy through a sweatshirt outside the camera.

Warren Durham Victim’s

Another Parent Says Durham Pushed Her Daughter Into a Locker & Dislocated Her Shoulder and also used excessive force against her daughter. She says he pushed her over a locker, lifted her shoulder and injured another.

She shared a photo with WTVDV in which her daughter was shown throwing one with her arm and cutting it behind her ear. she said the incident happened to an 11-year-old boy just hours before the scandal in Durham. Her daughter was taken to a hospital.


“She has a dispersed shoulder on his left side. Rosalind Wayne told the news station that wherever she was shouting slogans against the locker – it has all been broken.” There is a throw on it. He has a sprained neck. “she said his daughter is awake from dreams.

Wayne said she arrived at the school district but never heard back. A preliminary investigation has been initiated by the sheriff’s office, the district attorney said. He said that the incident is still being paid attention to the video.


Warren Durham Arrested

Warren Durham joins a list of multiple ex-school resource officers who lost their jobs and, in some cases, were arrested after incidents of violence against students caught on video.

In Orange County, Florida, a deputy, Harry Reid, was fired in November after video showed him yanking a middle school girl’s head during a fight.

Sheriff John Mina said That deputy’s behaviour and actions violated many policies, our standards, but more importantly, the visions and expectations I’ve set as sheriff and definitely will not be tolerated. I want our deputy sheriffs to know that as well, and I hope this sends a strong message not only to our community but also to our deputy sheriffs. Reid has not been charged.