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Who is Zara Abid? Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Death, Family

Zara Abid Biography, Wiki

Zara Abid was a Pakistani model and actress, who killed in Pakistan plane crash. She was born on 4 April 1992 in Lahore, Pakistan. She was one of the passengers who died aboard the PIA Flight 8303, which crashed in Karachi on 22 May 2020.


Zara Abid has died in a plane crash. She was 28 years old.

Earlier Life and Career

She grew up and resided in Karachi with her family, and completed her schooling from the St. Patrick’s Girls High School, before graduating with a bachelor’s degree and stepping into show business.

The model worked with a long list of top fashion brands in Pakistan and was set to launch her acting career later this year reports the BBC.

Abid began her acting career with her debut role in the upcoming film Chaudhry, directed by Azeem Sajjad and written by Zeeshan Junaid. The movie is a biopic on the life of slain police officer, Chaudhry Aslam Khan, in which Abid essayed the role of a college student.

In January 2020, Abid won an award in the category of “Best Female Model” at the 4th Hum Style Awards.

Death and Cause

On 22 May 2020, Abid was amongst the passengers of the PIA Flight 8303, which crashed while on final approach for landing near the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi; she was said to be returning to the city after attending her uncle’s funeral in Lahore.

A flight manifest released by PIA showed her name on the list of passengers. Ninety-seven deaths were reported from the 99 people on board, and she was not reported as one of the survivors.

She had been modeling for clothing brand Sana Safinaz at the time when she had to reportedly leave for Lahore. Some initial reports claimed she had survived the accident. After the crash, Abid’s brother told the media that her family was still looking for her at the hospital where the injured were admitted and that they were waiting for an update from authorities. Her brother appealed to stop the spread of fake news regarding the matter.

Abused on Social Media

Social media has been flooded with posts accusing Zara Abid of choosing a career and lifestyle that is haram – meaning forbidden by Islam – and insisting her “sinful” lifestyle will see her punished in the afterlife.

Since the unconfirmed reports broke, social media has been awash with fans and friends mourning the successful model’s death.

However, the tribute posts were grossly littered with a barrage of hardline abuse, with some trolls even suggesting her lifestyle meant she would be sent to hell after Muslim fans wished her peace in Jannah, the word for paradise in the afterlife in Islam.

Others suggested the young woman’s death occurred on a particularly holy day – the last Friday before Eid, sparking some trolls to suggest the time of her death was not a “free pass” to heaven.

One user Irfan tweeted: “Those people who are saying that she will be in paradise after the plane crash accident then being Muslim I would tell them ALLAH Pak doesn’t like those women who are showing their body parts to everyone and Jannat is only for pure men and pure women.”

Another, named Zarwan Ali, wrote: “I really didn’t want to do it but some people are ignorant and are now using Zara Abid death to defend her profession and lifestyle.

“Sorry that can’t be defended that is prohibited and those who kept telling her that she is doing Haram did the right thing. Still do dua for her.”

He then tweeted: “If you are in Haram profession you will get judged and called out and as Muslims, it’s a duty to stop people from doing Haram. Stop trying to defend Haram #ZaraAbid.”

Zara Abid Instagram

The model’s Instagram and other social media accounts have since been deleted, but it’s unclear if this is related to the trolling.

Despite the abuse, many flocked to the young woman’s defense.

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