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Zoe Bell Biography, Wiki

Zoe Bell is a popular stuntwoman and actress from New Zealand. She was born on 17 November 1978 in Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. She is experienced in doubling for Lucy Lawless in Xena: Warrior Princess and for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. As an actress, Zoe has appeared on television and in feature films; she has starred in the web series Angel of Death.


She is 41 years old as of 2020.

Earlier Life and Education

Zoe was born to Tish, a nurse, and Andrew Bell, a doctor. She has a younger brother named Jake and a foster brother named Leonhard, who is living in his old hometown in Germany. She grew up on Waiheke Island in Auckland.

At an early age, she participated in competitive gymnastics and at 15 began studying Taekwon-Do. She also participated in dance, high diving, scuba, and track and field activities. Bell attended Auckland Girls’ Grammar School and Selwyn College.


Zoe began her career in 1992 when her father treated a stuntman for a head injury and came home with a phone number for her to call. Her first stunt job was jumping out of a car in Shortland Street, a New Zealand soap opera.

She began doing stunts for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess by the fourth season of Xena, she was the stunt double for Lucy Lawless. She fractured vertebrae in her back doing wire work on the show but continued working for a week until another stunt in which a breakaway chair was smashed on her back, incapacitating her.

In 2005, Bell was nominated for a Taurus in the categories “Best Overall Stunt by a Woman,” “Best Fight,” and “Best High Work.” She and Monica Staggs (Daryl Hannah’s double) won Best Overall Stunt and Best Fight for their fight in Budd’s trailer in Kill Bill 2. Her Best High Work nomination was for a fall of over 200 feet in the film Catwoman.

In August 2007, Bell confirmed she had signed to play the lead role in a film about an American soldier returning to the US from a tour of duty in Iraq, and helping a young girl in trouble. She told the New Zealand Herald she would do her own stunts in the as-yet-untitled film, and that the American accent was “a big challenge”. In October 2007, Variety reported that Bell would appear in the 2009 film Game, starring Gerard Butler; the movie was later renamed Gamer.

In 2008 Zoe stars with her former Xena colleague Lucy Lawless in Sony (Crackle)’s new web series Angel of Death written by Ed Brubaker set to debut online in early 2009.

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